Veteran’s Day Concert at 1st Baptist Church, Huntsville, AL PART 1

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First Baptist Church of Huntsville, AL presents a Veteran’s Day Concert on Sunday, November 10. The concert featured the church’s orchestra and the Alabama Singing Women.

Two shot near Kansas City funeral home, police say

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Kansas City police are investigating a shooting that happened Saturday afternoon near the Family in Crisis Funeral Services funeral home at 18th and Benton in Kansas City, Mo.

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Billy Graham Ends Crusade (1954)

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Wembley Stadium, London.

GV massed crowds in Wembley Stadium. STV massed crowds (singing starts). GV massed cars in park. Nearer shot, pan to people still arriving. GV packed stadium with text on tote board. SV packed stadium with text on tote board “Jesus said I am the Way, the Truth and the Life”. SV pan, choir singing. LV crowd singing. SV Billy Graham’s rostrum. SV Billy Graham arriving with Archbishop of Canterbury Dr G. Fisher. Angle shot, Mr Hore Belisha in stands. GV packed stadium as singing finishes. SCU Billy Graham chatting to the Archbishop. GV Lead in to Billy Graham’s speech. SV Graham speaking (natural sound): “Our political and military leaders have said they do not know the answer to the world dilemma. This uncertainty is beginning to penetrate to the man on the street … the average man must turn somewhere…”. GV crowd listening (dubbing shot). SV Graham continuing: “…thousands turning to God etc., in this age of uncertainty and confusion.” LV masses singing (natural sound). LV Graham standing on rostrum as huge crowds assemble in centre of arena. SCU Graham. GV crowds in centre of arena. SV pan, choir singing. GV packed arena, & SV. Graham in foreground. GV packed arena in Wembley stadium as singing finishes.

(Orig.Neg.) (Title scene A.)

NB: for search purposes Leslie Hore-Belisha.
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Celebration of Virgin Mary

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Thousands from Ventura County and neighboring areas celebrated the Advent season with a feast Monday at an Oxnard church. At the Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe, a traditional Catholic celebration in honor of the Virgin Mary, more than 10,000 parishioners and visitors took part in two days of Mexican music, food and a Mass in English and Spanish. “It is something that has been done for years,” said the Rev. Roberto Saldivar of Our Lady of Guadalupe Church in Oxnard. “It’s a way of coming together and giving thanks to the Mother.”

Hookahjohn at Ali Baba Hookah Lounge, El Paso, TX

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Hookahjohn at Ali Baba Hookah Lounge, El Paso, TX.
The staff there was excellent and treated me well. If you are in the El Paso are you need to stop by and give them a try. Tell them Hookahjohn sent you!